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FORMED leaders gathered in June for an opportunity for inspiration, fellowship, and prayer. At the Leadership Summit, attendee’s heard best practices from some of the top FORMED parishes in the nation, and left with a comprehensive understanding of the wide array of FORMED leader tools and resources, in addition to a fresh look at their role serving within the Body of Christ. Opportunities for Holy Mass and prayer were present throughout the Summit.

The Summit featured keynote addresses by Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Fr. Brian Larkin, Hilary Draftz, and many other experts who are leading the Church in the digital age. Participants chose between a number of focused breakout sessions to learn from expert practitioners and engaged in discussions about youth ministry, Hispanic ministry, family faith formation, and much more. Power points from our keynote sessions (where available) are provided here.

**Note that Dr. Gray and Dr. Sri’s presentations did not utilize powerpoint slides.




FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018




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