With over 3,000 parishes now using FORMED, we’ve learned a lot about the process of successfully launching. Try these tips to help parishioners get up and running quickly!

1. Encourage People to Register on their Mobile Device

Almost everyone has some type of mobile device at hand. This helps anyone register immediately versus taking an access code home to register later and possibly forget.  Registration on mobile devices will not only dramatically increase the number of people who register but will also increase the likelihood that regularly use it!

Actions you can take now…

  • Send parishioners to to download the FORMED App for iOS or Android.
  • On the Subscription page of your FORMED account, send a link to your Custom Registration Page using Flocknote, email, or text message.

2. Recruit a Tech Team

A “Tech Team” on hand you can also make sure that even the most technically challenged have help going through registration, setup and orientation.They can prepare using this collection of orientation videos.
  • Recruit Tech Team to help people register/login
  • Team prepares by reviewing the video tutorials
  • This is a great way to have young people get involved
  • Team should be available for several launch weekends

3. Have Pastor Recommend Specific Content

Ask your pastor to suggest a “parish wide study” or  “homework assignments” over the course of several weeks. Doing this over several weeks helps keep it top of mind and repetition helps users form “Holy Habits”.  This will make it more likely they will go looking for other things on their own later. Repetition also helps users realize that FORMED is always right in their pocket so they will become more likely to use it regularly.
  • Pastor suggests specific content
  • Repeat this process over several weeks
  • Keeps FORMED top of mind 
  • Helps build “Holy Habits”

4. Make Use of Promotional Materials

Get the word out about FORMED! We provide a wide variety of printed materials including posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, even talking points as well as excellent digital materials you can share via email, Flocknote, social media, or on your website.  We also provide Pick of the Week content that can be dropped into bulletins or displayed on parish websites to help keep FORMED visible after launch.
  • Create a Custom Registration Page
  • Invite Users to Register on your Custom Registration Page using the email template provided in your FORMED Subscription Page
  • Post Banners, Flyers, Inserts During Launch Weekends
  • Insert the Pick of the Week Banner on Parish Website

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