First Annual FORMED
Leader’s Summit Highlights

Held on June 23-25, 2017

The First Annual FORMED Parish Leader’s Summit was a smashing success!
For those of you who could not join us in person, check out these videos and photos to get a sense of the experience. Mark your calendars NOW for our Second Annual Summit next June.

What a great weekend we had at the Formed Leadership Conference capped off by a cruise on the “Beloved” couch. Great info, great breakouts, awesome keynotes, many new friends but the most amazing thing of the weekend was meeting the Formed development team. Without a doubt a team chosen by Christ “for such a time as this. Es 4:14”
Blessing to all the friends we met this weekend.

Alisa Birkholt

The highlight of the Summit for me was the huge amount of support all of the staff offered. I have a (much needed) renewal of commitment… I am prepared to fight the good fight to evangelize becaue of my experience this weekend. Thank you all so very much!

Michelle Hall

My biggest take away from the weekend was getting to know the team of very dedicated, talented and Spirit-filled people that are deeply committed to the vision that Dr. Gray has for FORMED. It is exciting, in a small way, in my corner of the world and in my parish to be a part of that vision. Thank you to the team for an inspiring weekend!

Scott Stafstrom

I very much appreciated the focus on meaning—why does it matter that we have FORMED—and the focus on evangelizing—to form souls to in turn evangelize. The vision was there throughout the whole conference, culminating in Dr. Tim Gray’s final talk.


Join Us for Next Year’s Leader’s Summit, June 2018!


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