Need: Integrate FORMED into Parish Life, especially with home-bound parishioners or stay-at-home parents that have a limited ability to attend small groups that take place within the parish. This idea came from Donna W. of Prospect Heights, IL, who says “One of the committee members had a great idea… We would like to use the resources that offers to facilitate interaction with those members of our parish who are shut-ins or are unable to attend small groups at the parish facility and who have either a computer or tablet. We would like them to be able to join an ongoing group at the parish via their technology.”

Description: Parishioners who want to participate in the group study all receive an invite to join an online video meeting using a service like Google Hangouts or Skype. Before the meeting, parishioners watch this week’s video on their own time, then join the meeting for a time of community and discussion about the video topic.

Result: Home-bound parishioners experience a greater sense of integration into parish life and faith formation.

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