Need: A group of mothers who also work as physicians felt the need for a way to grow in faith in the midst of their lives as “exhausted mothers of small children who couldn’t regularly attend parish ministries.”

Description: This group of Catholic physicians and mothers connected via a Facebook group and advertised the idea of using FORMED to hold a long-distance small-group study. “Each of us had the task of watching that week’s video before meeting, and then we would meet online on Sunday evenings. Though the turnout was small, we were so excited….There were a total of 6 of us this time, but these are physician mothers in 3 different time zones (Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Florida) who met weekly online through Zoom!!!” Virtual small groups such as this one can use tools such as Zoom, Skype, and other video chatting applications to connect and discuss the material they can access through FORMED.

Result: As one mother said: “It was amazing! I truly believe this has the potential to become an amazing widespread evangelization tool! I am currently pitching it to our parish DRE to set up a virtual group for moms/women.” FORMED’s technological nature made it possible for these busy women from across the nation to connect over shared material and grow in the faith through community and learning. Here at FORMED, our tech team is working on an update to make it possible to host these virtual small groups right on the FORMED platform! Keep an eye out for this exciting new feature!


– Nora, FL

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