Need: New subscribers in your parish often need a little guidance as they first dip into FORMED. The amount of content on FORMED can feel overwhelming, and often new subscribers are not sure where to start. This initial impression may stop that parishioner from coming into contact with the amazing materials on FORMED which can lead them closer to Jesus.

Description: Bonnie, a parish administrator from Pennsylvania has come up with a quick, effective solution to make sure her fellow parishioners can feel at home on FORMED. Bonnie uses the Dashboard feature to keep track of new accounts being created by people in her parish. When about ten new parishioners have created an account, she sends the group a personalized email to welcome them to FORMED. The email includes a link to our “Roman Roads” video which serves as an introduction to the FORMED platform, Bonnie’s own content recommendations based on what others in the parish are watching, and encouragement to be a “missionary of FORMED” and tell others how and why to sign up.

Result: This personal, localized touch encourages new subscribers to stick with the platform, provides them with suggestions for what to watch first, and helps to spread the message in your parish that FORMED is available! This personal welcome, especially when combined with parish custom content on the homepage, helps to implement FORMED in a way that exemplifies the needs and characteristics of your home. To help you employ this strategy in your own parish, we have created a quick email template. Remember, though, the effectiveness of this strategy comes from the personal touch, so be sure to customize this email and continue to update it as trends in your parish change!

FORMED Welcome Email Template

– Bonnie, PA

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