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With so much great content on FORMED—available anytime, anywhere—it is important for parish leaders to think of strategic ways to help Catholics develop the habit of faith formation for ongoing conversion. From adult faith formation to strengthening the domestic Church to small group outreach, these live webinar offerings and library of previously recorded webinars will help you make the most of FORMED in your parish.


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  • Wednesday, January 30: 3pm ET – Using FORMED for Lent – REGISTER
  • Thursday, February 14: 3pm EST – How to Successfully Implement FORMED in Your Community – REGISTER
  • Thursday, February 27: 3pm EST – Utilizing FORMED to Strengthen Marriage – REGISTER


FORMED Evangelization Gems are the very best clips from our webinar library.
Only a few minutes long, these videos highlight the most concise and helpful parts of the webinars we publish each month to give you the inspiration you need, when you need it.

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 Recent Webinars


Using FORMED Community to Evangelize

Sean Dalton and Aimee St. Germain explain how to use FORMED Community in the Parish setting.

Kapuan's Men: A Powerful New Men’s Faith Formation Series

Sean Dalton has guests from the Kapaun’s Men Leadership Team discussing this unique series and how it inspires men to become courageous and faithful leaders. Guests are: Scott Carter, Jason Searl, Michael Ehling, and Nick Dellasega.

Growing Discipleship Through FORMED

Sean Dalton and Joseph Demendi share best practices of how nearly 4,000 parishes are integrating FORMED to form disciples who understand, live, and share their faith.

How to Successfully Implement FORMED in Your Community – January 9, 2018

In this webinar, receive an introduction and overview of the FORMED site, and hear ideas and best practices from parishes that are successfully promoting and implementing FORMED for evangelization and faith formation.

 Parish-Wide Studies

Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist as a Parish-Wide Study

Presence explores the truth and beauty of Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and its members. Hear from Lucas Pollice, the content advisor of this stunning video series, and from Sean Dalton on how to implement Presence in your parish.

A Lent to Remember Parish-Wide Study

Sean Dalton and Jayd Henricks walk you through the A Lent to Remember program, promotional materials, and utilizing custom content and FORMED community for a parish wide study this Lent. A Lent to Remember uses Augustine Institute original productions Forgiven and Symbolon to deliver an engaging presentation on the transforming power of God’s mercy and love in his Paschal Mystery and in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Every Catholic Deserves to Know Their Story – Utilizing Symbolon

Every Catholic Deserves to Know Their Story is a parish wide study of the widely acclaimed program SYMBOLON – The Catholic Faith Explained. The study divides the 20 episodes of SYMBOLON into 4 series, each occurring over 5 weeks at different times of the year. If we understand the narrative of our faith, we will understand the meaning of our lives. Truly, every Catholic deserves to know their story!

How to Implement a One Family Under God Parish Wide Study

Directed to bilingual parishes where Spanish and English speaking communities share one pastor and Church. This webinar will guide you through a process to use FORMED content to foster a sense of unity and integration and build One Family Under God.

Prepare the Way: Using Symbolon for an Advent Parish-Wide Study

Sean Dalton and Luis Soto walk you through the Prepare the Way Advent parish-wide study. Prepare the Way: An Advent Journey uses four episodes from the highly-acclaimed Symbolon series to present the three themes of Advent: how God has saved his people in the past, how God is saving us now, and how God will save his people in the future in his second coming. This webinar will also cover other tips for using FORMED to engage your parishioners in a faith-filled Advent.

 YDisciple Webinars

How to Be an Awesome Small Group Leader with YDisciple

This training is for volunteer mentors and parish leaders to learn about the finer points of leading a small discipleship group well.

YDisciple in Your Context

There is no such thing as a “just add water” ministry. So how do you make YDisciple work in your specific context? Are you a rural parish? Do you work with Middle Schoolers or even outside of youth ministry altogether? Do you have 3 teens or 300? Join us and several parish leaders from around the country as they share their experience of doing small group discipleship in a wide range of contexts.

A Closer Look at YDisciple

YDisciple is the foremost youth ministry content on the FORMED platform, but it is much, much more than just videos. Join us for an interactive webinar on how to get the most out of YDisciple with trench-tested strategies in small group discipleship. Whether you are a mega-parish with an already thriving youth ministry, struggling to get even a few teens to show up, or a parent looking for ways to keep your own teens engaged in the faith, there will be something for you here. Hear from guest speakers and youth ministry field experts Annie Grandell and Sean Dalton from YDisciple, John Zimmer from FOCUS, Tony Vasinda from Project YM, Dan Driver from NET Ministries, and Brad Bursa from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

 Parish Faith Formation

Why Small Groups are Important and How to use FORMED Community

Sean Dalton and Mark Mastroianni demonstrate how to build community groups on FORMED. This exciting new feature empowers small group leaders to feature content and facilitate online discussion.

FORMED Strategic Planning

FORMED is an impressive library of great Catholic content. But, that can be an obstacle for people to engage with its content. This is where strategic planning comes into play. This webinar will walk through tools and best practices to help drive engagement in your parish.

Build Online Study Groups on FORMED

Sean Dalton and Mark Mastroianni discuss the newest upgrade to FORMED that helps Catholics more effectively understand, live and share their faith. They demonstrate how to launch online discussion groups around a piece of content on FORMED.

Launch FORMED with Mobile

The new mobile app for FORMED presents a great opportunity to reintroduce the “Catholic Faith On Demand” to your parishioners. It is easier than ever to enjoy a subscription to FORMED with the new app or through the mobile website! Sean Dalton – Director of Evangelization, Lou Reynolds – Managing Director FORMED/Technology Platforms, and Julia Smissen – FORMED ParishCare manager will walk through the features on and the benefits of building a technical support team at the parish.

How to Implement Small Communities of Faith using FORMED in your Parish

Drawing from his own experiences in the small groups that transformed him from a fallen-away Protestant to a Catholic priest, Fr. Gregg Pedersen will share his vision for small group discipleship in a parish setting. He also will share the practical ways that this has been implemented in his own parish.

Incorporating Discipleship into Faith Formation

Discipleship has been quite a buzzword in the Church over the last few years, but why is discipleship so crucial for faith formation in the new evangelization? This webinar will outline how FORMED can be a tool for the missionary disciple to incorporate discipleship into faith formation.

Discipleship Group Training

What is the purpose of small groups? Why are some small groups so effective at bringing about transformation, while others are awkward or shallow? Why is meaningful faith sharing so crucial for the Christian life? This training video answers these questions by giving a powerful vision for small group ministry. Director of Implementation Sean Dalton outlines the practical ways that small groups can transform your parish ministry.

How to Use FORMED for Small Discipleship Groups

In this webinar, learn how FORMED studies are set up to meet the needs of a small group by fostering friendship, conversation, and conversion using the “Connect — Discuss — Commit” format.

How to Use FORMED for Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental preparation is more than just parents jumping through hoops to get their children ready to receive the sacraments; when done well, it can become a profound moment of re-evangelization for disengaged Catholics. In this webinar, Lucas Pollice illustrates how the FORMED programs Reborn and Beloved can be used to inspire conversion in your baptism prep and marriage prep programs.

 Strengthening Children, Teens, and Families

Using FORMED to Strengthen the Mission of Catholic Schools

The mission of Catholic Schools is to help students become saints. This webinar will focus on the ways FORMED can strengthen the Catholic identity of the school and engage parents to fulfill this mission.

FORMED Family Movies

Summer is a great time for Family Movie Nights and FORMED movies can enrich your experience by inspiring meaningful conversations about the faith. Sean Dalton and guest discuss some good movies on FORMED and offer some well crafted discussion questions to make the most of the experience.

Utilizing FORMED to Empower Fatherhood

Fathers have a powerful impact on the development and formation of their children. FORMED provides a unique opportunity to engage fathers and empower them to form their children in the faith.

From Tots to Teens: Children's Content Available on FORMED

Sean Dalton, Claudia McAdam, and Annie Grandell discuss the many content offerings and leader resources available on FORMED to strengthen the domestic Church.

Utilizing Children's Content to Strengthen the Domestic Church

“In the domestic Church the parents, by word and example, are the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children” (Lumen Gentium, 11). Please join us on this webinar to learn how FORMED can be utilized to assist parents in cultivating the domestic Church in their own homes.

How to Successfully Promote Youth Ministry Using YDisciple on FORMED in Your Parish

Please join us for this special webinar with Annie Grandell, Coordinator of YDisciple for the Augustine Institute. YDisciple is a video-based study series on, and it incorporates a fresh approach to youth ministry through small group, parent-driven discipleship. Prior to joining the Augustine Institute in January of 2017, Annie was a youth minister at a parish outside Minneapolis-St. Paul and utilized YDisciple to transform youth discipleship.

Gender and Sexuality—What Teens Need to Know

In this webinar, we walk through the YDisciple studies, True Beauty and True Strength, which clearly communicate to teens the truth and beauty of God’s plan for gender and sexuality in the midst a confused, broken culture.

 FORMED Content Spotlight

Who Am I To Judge? with Sean Dalton and Dr. Edward Sri

Join Sean Dalton and special guest Dr. Edward Sri as they discuss the prevalence of moral relativism, how to address it, and ways parishes can utilize Who Am I To Judge? to form parishioners.

True Reformers with Dr. Christopher Blum

Sean Dalton interviews Dr. Christopher Blum, professor and Academic Dean at the Augustine Institute, about six remarkable saints of the Catholic Reformation and why they are so important in the life of the Church today.

The Wild Goose on FORMED

The Wild Goose is a description that the ancient Celts used for the Holy Spirit. A wild goose is hard to control! Similarly, there is a wildness to the Holy Spirit, who brings light out of darkness, freedom out of bondage, order out of chaos and life out of death. The Wild Goose Project is a simple attempt to invite Catholic Christians into a more profound relationship with the Holy Spirit. Please join us for this webinar featuring Fr. Dave Pivonka as we discuss The Wild Goose. He will give implementation ideas for The Wild Goose, focusing on how best to invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and our communities at Pentecost using this series.

Introduce Ignatian Evangelization in Your Parish through the Sacred Story Institute

Sean Dalton and Fr. Bill Watson S.J., the Founder and President of the Sacred Story Institute, discuss the unique method of evangelization pioneered by St. Ignatius of Loyola and give an overview of the 40 week Adult Program and Sacred Story Youth program on FORMED to help participants center their lives on Christ through daily prayer and discernment.

Introducing Who Am I to Judge? on FORMED with Dr. Edward Sri

This webinar will introduce one of the newest programs on FORMED: Who and I to Judge? Dr. Edward Sri will discuss how this program gets to the heart of the problem of moral relativism and how we can help others see the errors of this worldview and embrace the truth of a Catholic moral worldview.

How to Use Beloved on FORMED for Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

Dr. Edward Sri, Lucas Pollice, and Louise Karas discuss the vision for Beloved, the role of strong marriage preparation in the new evangelization, and some practical tips for using Beloved to strengthen marriages in your parish.

Introduction to Lectio: Evangelization on FORMED with Dr. Mary Healy

Special guest Dr. Mary Healy, presenter of Lectio: Evangelization, joins us for this webinar to share with us the vision for evangelization in the twenty-first century, and outlines the ways that prayerful re-emphasis on evangelization as illustrated in the book of Acts, can equip us to share the Gospel in a post-modern culture.

How to Use Lectio on FORMED to Unveil Scripture and Tradition with Dr. Tim Gray

Special guest Dr. Tim Gray joins us to share why Lectio Divina, and a prayerful meditation on and study of Scripture, is necessary for the renewal of the Church. We also walk through all the Lectio Bible Studies offered on FORMED and offer some practical tips on how to best utilize these studies in your parish.

 FORMED and the Liturgical Calendar

Using FORMED for Lent

This webinar will explore how to use FORMED to connect with and engage your parishioners during Lent to help them to get the most out of this rich penitential season.

Using FORMED for Advent

The webinar will cover how parishes can use FORMED to make Advent more meaningful using the YDisciple Advent Study as well as other FORMED resources.

Using FORMED for the RCIA Process

This webinar will discuss how to use FORMED in the RCIA Process. Recommended for anyone who heads up RCIA in their parish.

Using FORMED in the RCIA Mystagogy and the Neophyte Year

This webinar will discuss the catechetical challenges and opportunities in both the period of mystagogy and the neophyte year and how you can effectively use FORMED to help your neophytes successfully understand, live, and share their faith.

 FORMED en Español

How to Evangelize Hispanic Catholics in the Digital Age with FORMED (SPANISH)

It’s no secret . . . Hispanic Catholics are the fastest growing segment of the Church in the US today. On this webinar you will learn how to use FORMED—the most dynamic and largest digital platform of Catholic content—for the evangelization of Spanish-speaking Catholics and to foster a sense of unity and integration as One Family Under God in our parishes and dioceses.

Estudio Parroquial Una Cuaresma Inolvidable en Español

Luis Soto presentará el programa Una Cuaresma Inolvidable, sus materiales promocionales, y la manera de usar la herramienta de contenido personalizado para incluir a toda la comunidad parroquial en este estudio.

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