In the midst of our current Church crisis, many individuals will be facing a personal crisis. In their hearts, they will be asking: “Why be Catholic?”

Unlike the Protestant reformation of the sixteenth century, these individuals will likely not become Calvinists or Lutherans; they may just walk away quietly and become “nothings.”

Now more than ever the Church needs lay leaders and faithful clergy to show people the truths of the faith in order to give them a solid foundation on which to stand and remain within the Church. FORMED can help you do that.

Explore the following recommendations that will give your flock the answers and encouragement they are looking for.

For those in your community who need a reason to stay:

*Also available in Spanish

For those in your community who need to see the hope we have in Christ:

*Also available in Spanish

For those looking for role models to be the saints we need today:

More recommendations for Spanish speakers:


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